As you may have read in our previous blog posts, Jake McNiece, author of the Filthy Thirteen, received France’s highest decoration – the French Legion on Honor on September 26th.


In the ceremony, Frederic Bontems, the Houston-based consul general of France, presented McNiece with the Chevalier (knight) medal, saying:

“I have the honor to recognize the courage you displayed so many years ago on a land that was so foreign to you and yet for which you were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. In the name of the French people, I thank you for your personal contribution toward the liberation of my country…Being a knight refers to a very basic concept, a concept that has remained untouched for centuries. Receiving the title of knight means that you have demonstrated virtue, bravery and strong commitment to a noble cause.  James McNiece, during World War II and the liberation of France you displayed these three concepts in a most commendable way. Your life during and since the war prove that knight is a rank to which you are entitled.”

The ceremony took place in the Blue Room of the Oklahoma City Capitol. Over 100 family, friends, and supporters attended the ceremony to honor Jake. To read a full report of this great day, read Oklahoma WWII veteran receives France’s highest decoration.