Ed and Cathy Gilbert awarded Presidential Service Center’s Distinguished Service Medal

Casemate is proud to announce that authors Ed and Cathy Gilbert were recently awarded the Presidential Service Center’s Distinguished Service Medal.

Presidential Service began with the American military, in the late 1700’s, as military aides and other positions.  In the 1880’s The US Navy requested of President Rutherford B. Hayes, to open a “mess,” (or restaurant) which is now known as the White House Staff Mess. It features restaurant service and thousands of take-out meals daily with close to 75 US Navy chefs.  The Navy chefs shop, cook, travel with and protect the Presidency.  The Presidential Service Center™ is presently in a five-year feasibility and research study phase, that began in 2010.  It is housed with the existing, and highly successful, Presidential Culinary Museum®. It remains interactive (under agreement) with The Official Society of World Chefs in Friendship since request in 1994.  Their aim being to foster care and kindness amongst countries of the world visiting the American White House and Camp David.  To interact with our Presidential Service Badge (PSB) authorized, serial numbered members – please contact us at 001 (704) 937-2940. The museum is open seven days per week for tours and bus groups.

In 2008 a new, gold Presidential Service Center (PSC) Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) was discussed, reviewed and authorized for complete payment under private funds forwarded from 14592 badge holder and member Martin CJ Mongiello. Discussion ensued in 2008/9 with a sample idea commissioned in 2010. During the years of 2010 and 2011, the program was sent to feasibility and research with possible adoption, was rejected and eventually suspended for further design. In 2012, Mr. Mongiello received guidance from former Presidential aides that visited the museum in 2013 with former Presidential Security Detail member (USMC) Travis McVey. The medal moved forward in 2013 under new design and was authorized for striking to showcase a font of knowledge, lit with flame, bearing present status and ongoing service to better society. Encased in a traditional wreath with a circular design of continuity, the medal is awarded to those serving to make society better and subject to revocation and stripping of award (droit moral) based on behavior standards. Each award winner agrees to their good conduct in the future as it would reflect on our members center and association.

The numeral system to be used was offered in 2014 beginning with 1776, a year well-known amongst Americans, as significant and noteworthy for service to our country.

medals 3 - DSC_0004
1794: Presently rejected during the investigation. Resubmitting.
1793: In committee reviewing letters of reference.
1792: Cathy Gilbert, author.
1791: Ed Gilbert, author





Cathy and Ed’s most recent books, TRUE FOR THE CAUSE OF LIBERTY  is now available from Casemate and all fine retailers.

Layout 1Ed is also the author of several other Casemate titles, including Marine Corp Tank Battles in the Middle East, Marine Corp Tank Battles in Korea, Marine Corp Tank Battles in Vietnam,  and Tanks in Hell

Marine Corps Tank Battles in the Middle EastMarine Corps Tank Battles in VietnamTanks in Hell

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