Lincoln’s Bold Lion author attends Florida’s Largest Civil War Battle Re-enactment



Casemate author James Huffstodt of Tallahassee manned a booth featuring his biography: “Lincoln’s Bold Lion: The Life and Times of Brigadier General Martin Davis Hardin” during the recently held Ulustee  Battle Re-Enactment held at Ulustee State Park near Lake City, Fl. Huffstodt said the event was first class and featured a naval battle between ironclads on a nearby lake and a replica of the Confederate submarine, Hunley. More than 2,000 re-enactors participated including cavalry and artillery units. “I met some wonderful people at this event, which I found entertaining and educational,” Huffstodt said.


The  annual re-enactment of the Civil War Battle between the North and the South draws hundreds of re-enactors come from miles around to participate in this historical event.

This is the famous site of Florida’s Largest Civil War Battle.

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