LINCOLN’S BOLD LION at the Woodville Festival

LINCOLN’S BOLD LION  author James Huffstodt performed in character last weekend as an old Civil War veteran who knew General Hardin. He was featured during the Woodville (Fl.) Festival at the Woodville Library near Tallahassee, an annual event  and celebration of the history and people of Woodville Florida that includes music, historical re-enactors, literature, plays, demonstrations, and vendors of all kinds.

James’  talk attracted a nice crowd of people and was followed by a book signing.

The event was by invitation of Ms. Verna Brock, Woodville Library Director, who is very well read on American history, her major at Florida State University (FSU) before earning her master’s in library science. (Photos by Verna Brock, Woodville Library, Woodville, Fl.)

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