Casemate Eastern Front favorites now available in Paperback

Two  Casemate best sellers are now available in paperback-

The Devil’s General: The Life of Hyazinth Graf von Strachwitz, “The Panzer Graf”, by Raymond Bagdonas and The Drive on Moscow, 1941: Operation Taifun and Germany’s First Great Crisis of World War II by Niklas Zetterling, Anders Frankson.

If you didn’t a chance to read these the first time around, be sure to check them out now.

Here’s what people are saying about these titles:


The Drive on Moscow, 1941: Operation Taifun and Germany’s First Great Crisis of World War II by Niklas Zetterling, Anders Frankson.

“…tapped a variety of sources to re-create the battle from the perspectives of both the lowliest soldiers to top commanders. They show how the failure of the German assault on Moscow had a decisive influence on the overall Nazi strategy in the East.”

Toy Soldier and Model Figure

” Zetterling and Frankson provide the reader with a complete picture of Operation Taifun: German defeatm and the ultimate Soviet resistance in the face of a lethal and determined enemy.”

The Russian Review

The authors set a case for Moscow being the real turning point of the war, and by the end of the book, it’s hard to argue against it. An excellent publication.

WW2 Connection

“…an excellent book- well researched, fast paced and enjoyable to read. Both historians and general readers will profit from reading it.”


“… full of interesting aspects of WWII armored combat, and a look into an extraordinary panzer commander’s career….a nice cross section of photos of various notables who crossed paths or fought alongside the Graf…I enjoyed this book quite a bit.”


Despite his fanciful first name, this Silesian nobleman’s little-known career is a suggestive one-man slice of World War II, the Freikorps, and the Eastern Front, where the Soviets learned to fear his tank commands

World War II Magazine

takes the reader from Hyazinth Strachwitz’s early family history, education World War I, the interwar years to the invasion of Poland, to France and then Romania and Yugoslavia are just prelude to World War II on the Eastern Front….an important work that documents his actions and gives great insights into the use of the panzers on the eastern front

Kepler’s Military History 

Bagdonas’ writing and flow are very good and the reader is easily engaged with his informative style. Additionally, he provides numerous anecdotal information that add depth to the commentary. … his use of appendices added greatly to the provision of information surrounding von Strachwitz’s accomplishments. The bibliography that he provides is very useful in identifying additional sources to the reader on the various engagements in which the Panzer Graf was engaged.Bagdonas notes that von Strachwitz left no memoirs or notes; so gathering and drafting a comprehensive biography was extremely difficult…he has done a commendable job and that the book may serve future generations as an example of an individual who responded to the call of his nation twice and served in an honorable and selfless way throughout. As a leader, commander and officer, von Strachwitz was an individual to emulate…. recommend this book for its publication quality, its photo/map inserts and the information that the author provides about this noteworthy historical figure

The Military History Reviewer

During both world wars, Germany set a very high standard for tactical leadership. This was especially true in the Soviet-German conflict, where German commanders used maneuver and coordination skills to defeat more numerous opponents. Most accounts of such victories focus on the achievements of senior leaders such as Heinz Guderian or Erich von Manstein. Except for a number of divisional histories, however, this literature is short on details about how Germans operated at tactical levels from company through regiment. Raymond Bagdonas, a self-taught Australian historian, helps fill this gap with a biography of Lt. Gen. Hyazinth, Graf von Strachwitz, the subject of at least two previous studies in German…The Devil’s General provides a well written, interesting account of German tank combat against the Soviets

Michigan War Studies

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